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7 Random Places to Find Inspiration

The other day, while I was playing a Beethoven piano sonata, a juicy plot twist for my new novel  hit me. Today on the treadmill, I had an awesome future book idea. This got me thinking about just how many random everyday places we can find creative inspirations, regardless of our art or our passion. And here you have it: seven random places to be inspired, and why I believe they’re inspirational.

  1. In the gym: Think about it. Your muscles are churning, endorphins are flowing, you feel strong, motivated, and empowered…this sounds like a recipe for inspiration to me! One caveat: Don’t let your mind wander while you’re doing sets or you might throw off your counts, and definitely stay focused on those complicated weights machines! Personally, I find the treadmill an ideal place to reflect and think.
  2. On public transportation: On the bus, train, or airplane, people watching is prime, plus you have time to think. I prefer airplanes for this activity. Something about soaring high in the air toward a new and exciting locale (or even an old and familiar one) really gets my creative juices flowing. Flights home are also great, because I find that reflections about where I’ve been lead to amazing story ideas.
  3. In the bubble bath: You’re extremely in touch with your senses, you’re relaxed, and all your pleasure centers are activated. Also, by shutting out the world and its barrage of external stimuli, you can look for inspiration in the deepest recesses of your mind.
  4. While playing an instrument: Playing an old and familiar piece lets your mind wander into new and exciting territory. I often write before I play the piano. Then, during my warm-up pieces, I consciously and subconsciously reflect on what I’ve written, and frequently think of innovative changes or the direction of my next writing session.
  5. In a restaurant / lounge: Okay, so now everyone knows why I sometimes get suddenly quiet when I’m out, but these places are the perfect venues for inspirations to take hold. Again, people watching is prime. Plus, a few glasses of wine, a cushy seat, and a candlelit ambience not only loosen you up, they can trigger your relaxed brain to think up fabulous ideas.
  6. In a park: A day in the park provides sensory stimulation and people watching. Sometimes studying those around you and devising their “stories” can help you to arrive at a new story idea of your  own. And besides, there’s just something about being outside that makes you feel free and inspired.
  7. On the beach: The sun, the sand, the waves…there’s beauty around you everywhere you look. And if you tire of the scene, just close your eyes and meditate. Totally. Inspirational.
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