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Throwback Thursday Poems

on December 3, 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here, mostly because I’ve been focusing on motherhood posts for my Prego in San Diego blog–and all my other mom duties!

In fact, the idea for this blog came to me while I was writing this post about the Baby Rhyme Time sessions at our local library. I remembered how much I used to love writing poetry, and was suddenly flooded by memories of poems I’d written in the past. Here are 3 of my favorite throwbacks!

#tbt poems!

Four Seasons (age 8… and there’s also a song to go along with it LOL. You have to love the last “rhyme” too.)

Oh spring, oh summer, oh winter and fall,

Which is the best season of all?

I do not know because spring rains a lot,

And summer is wonderful, humid and hot.

In winter, it’s snowy. The snow falls all day.

In fall, leaves are falling, oh falling away.

These are the four seasons, all going around.

In the four seasons, you can’t wear a frown.


Roses (age 11…Deep stuff. 😉

Roses are beautiful

And symbolize love.

Their fragrant, colored petals

Bring happiness.

But yet, they have thorns

That can prick you when you touch them.

Somehow, roses remind me

A little of life.

You can be hurt by the thorns in life,

Yet, life is sweet when you prevail.

Your happiness is bright

As a pink rose petal.


Love-Matics (age 25…for the love of my life–number-based because he adores math. We’re still quoting the last four lines!)

When you are young you’re all alone

But having so much fun,

That it almost takes you by surprise

When you find the one.

Pretty soon, you’re one plus one

And over time you find

That this very special person

Has touched your heart and mind.

Day by day you fall in love

As on dates you go,

Learning more about each other

As your love begins to grow.

But one plus one will not last long

Your lives merge as they do,

And, before you know it,

You have become two.

Two people joined together

Are much stronger than 1 + 1,

For they have formed a union

That becomes second to none.

The lovers’ lives will intertwine

And join for eternity,

And soon, before you know it

They will form a family.

The lovers live in harmony

Each other they adore

And naturally, soon enough,

They add up to three or four.

At this time, the love will build

And you may wonder why.

It’s because as kids are born,

The love will multiply.

I’m so glad I am not one,

That we in love make two

Because I’ve never felt more delight

Than the day I fell for you.

There you have it… 3 fun throwback poems. Writers out there, do you write poetry? Have you ever revisited some of your previous work for laughs and nostalgia? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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