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7 Ideas to Make Every Day Awesome This Week!

on February 2, 2015

Who likes Mondays? Okay, not a lot of us. But, weirdly, I do. I think of them as the start of a brand-new week of awesomeness. We’ve had time to recharge and rejuvenate over the weekend (hopefully), and we can start fresh…so what’s not to be excited about?!

This Monday’s blog post is a little different than most; I want to share a fun thing you can do every day to super-charge your week. So, here goes. Since the week technically begins on Sunday, I’ll start there.

These tiger cubs playing outside look like they're about to have a super-charged and fierce week. :)

These tiger cubs playing outside look like they’re about to have a super-charged and fierce week. ūüôā

  • Sunday: Create a Weekly Mantra.¬†This will not only excite you to begin your workweek, it will also keep you focused until Friday. Antonio and I enjoy creating mantras on Sunday nights, and also writing a list of weekly goals. We’ve been doing this for over a year, and feel that we’ve both been more effective and efficient ever since. The mantra keeps us motivated, and the goal list creates a sense of accountability–and accomplishment every time we check something off!
  • Monday: Draw Upon Your Passions. Don’t let your workweek start off dull and boring; infuse a little bit of something you’re passionate about into your day, and motivation will follow! When I worked as a pharmacist, I would often start the week with a new outfit, or try something new with my make-up, because I love these things and they improved my attitude all day. Now that I work from home, I’m sure to incorporate at least one of my passions into my day, whether it’s exercising or playing the piano for my baby girl. Drawing upon my passions makes me feel more inspired, and lets the week start off on a strong note.
  • Tuesday: Be Grateful.¬†Starting every day–not just Tuesday–by remembering at least one thing you have to be thankful for lends a rosy glow to your day.
  • Wednesday: Recharge Your Batteries.¬†Many of us start feeling exhausted as the week wears on, and by Hump-Day, we’re zombies. Sometimes, it’s nice to take some time off and have a bum-night in the middle of the week. Watch a movie, and make sure to sleep early, so you can finish off your week strong!
  • Thursday: Cook Something New and Healthy.¬†Good nutrition is ¬†essential for physical and mental health, and cooking at home is the best way to get it! I cook at home almost every night, and always make leftovers for lunch later in the week. Cooking is also an extremely creative and rewarding pursuit. It can de-stress you as you become absorbed in creating just the right combination of flavors, and, of course, it rocks once you get to eat your concoction!
  • Friday: Have a Happy Hour.¬†Time with family and friends is so important for people who want to supercharge their lives. Spend a few hours with people you love, who lift you up. Remember that the attitudes of whomever you associate with most will rub off on you, so spend your ¬†time with your most positive and fun friends!
  • Saturday: Exercise Outside.¬†Working out in a gym is great, but nothing beats exercise outside. It just feels more exhilarating. So whether you’re skiing in the winter or jogging on the beach in summer, take advantage of the great outdoors, and you’ll feel your mind expand in the process.

What did you think of these ideas? What do you do to super-charge your week and make every day awesome? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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