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The Mermaid’s Secret Teaser

on January 15, 2015

I’m thrilled to announce that the finale of the California Mermaids series will be launching on January 21st! I had originally titled this book The Mermaid’s Voyage, but decided to change it to The Mermaid’s Secret, since it sounds more intriguing and is more fitting to the plot.  

Unlike Books 1 and 2, the series closer centers around Doria, niece of Oceania. Doria is a free-spirited, artistic eighteen year-old who is not afraid to speak her mind, but has some interesting blind spots.

Image courtesy of mic.com ("Mermaid Ariel" by Alena Lazareva)

Image courtesy of mic.com (“Mermaid Ariel” by Alena Lazareva)

Here’s the Amazon description of the book:

Mermaid Doria bears an unusual family curse: twelve moons after she turns eighteen, she must choose between living on land or in the sea, and remain there—permanently. The only way to break the curse is by finding love with a half-merman, thus uniting the realms of land and ocean forever.

Doria’s beloved Aunt Oceania chose land, and Doria has been dreaming of visiting her ever since she was five years old. Now that she’s finally turned eighteen, she makes the long-awaited trip—to Roaring 20s San Francisco, where her aunt and uncle have become well-known jazz musicians.

Meanwhile, Doria’s mer-beau Dylan loves her more than anything in the world. The problem: she doesn’t feel the same way about him, and wants to see other people. Dylan worries about Doria in the wild world of speakeasies and ladies’ men, so he follows her to land, trailing her in disguise as she navigates the 1920s social scene.

There, Doria meets and falls for Stanley, a handsome landsman who just happens to be a gossip reporter. As he asks her question after question about her life, Doria worries that he will uncover her secret identity as a mermaid.

Will Dylan be able to win Doria’s heart, or will Doria follow in her aunt’s footsteps and choose a landsman? Can Dylan watch over Doria without blowing his cover? Will Stanley uncover Doria’s secret? And does either of Doria’s love interests hold the power to break the mermaid’s curse?

Hang tight until the 21st, and you’ll find out! 😉

This book was incredibly fun to write, mostly because I’ve been obsessed with the 1920s ever since I watched The Great Gatsby. The writing process was rather unusual because I took a two-week long holiday break after the first ten chapters. I was a bit worried about how I would regain my momentum, but my hiatus actually worked in my favor; I felt so inspired that I finished the remaining twenty-five chapters in a week. Once I started working on the book again, the plot line solidified and I became addicted to writing it! I hope my readers will find it equally addictive. 🙂

I’ll be sure to keep you posted with details about the release, another story excerpt, and an upcoming Facebook release party, so be sure to stay plugged in for updates!


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