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10 Things You Might Not Know About the Amish

on July 3, 2014

As I’ve written the Amish Hearts and Amish in College series, I’ve delved deeper and deeper into the Amish culture. My books touch on various facets of the Amish lifestyle, such as Rumspringa, courting, baptism, marriage, farming, and money matters, and I’ve learned that there is so much more to this world of buggies, bonnets, and old-fashioned charm than we commonly think.

Snowy Amish buggies last winter in Pennsylvania

Snowy Amish buggies last winter in Pennsylvania

Currently, I’m in the process of writing Book 5 of the Amish in College series, Amish Baby: Hannah and Jakob’s Book. It’s the first Amish novella I’ve ever written from two different viewpoints…and the first time I’ve ever written about pregnancy in the Amish community. Since I’m 6 months pregnant, I was incredibly curious about an Amish pregnancy and the birthing customs.

One thing that surprised me was how secretive the Amish are about their pregnancies; mothers don’t even tell their other children when they’re pregnant! Another interesting fact is that not all Amish give birth at home; some sects give birth in hospitals, just as we Englischers do. And although Amish may visit “English” doctors or midwives, most of them don’t receive the customary “English” prenatal care, such as vitamins and ultrasounds. If you’re curious about more Amish pregnancy and birthing customs, check out this great website!

After I read about Amish pregnancy, I started wondering what else I didn’t know about the Amish, and I stumbled upon this blog post written by an innkeeper in Holmes County, Ohio who deals with Amish regularly and receives many questions about them from curious “English” tourists. The innkeeper tells us 10 myths about the Amish; I had known most of these facts from my research, but I was surprised by #8: some Amish have indoor plumbing. The Amish I had seen in Pennsylvania used outhouses, and I had assumed they all did this.

Amish fiction lovers out there, which of these Amish myths surprised you? Have you learned anything mind-bending about the Amish through your readings or research? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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