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How Cuddling Skyrockets Your Productivity in Work and Life

on June 30, 2014

I’m psyched to announce that the latest novella in the Amish in College series, “Amish Baker: Mercy’s Book,” will be launched tomorrow July 1st! Eighteen year-old Mercy is all fed up with working at Stoltzfus Bakery, and it’s not just because she’s had her fill of cakes and pies. She feels like everyone from her sister to her best friend is moving on in life without her–and to top it off, her boss has been just plain mean. But soon, she receives fabulous news: her boyfriend Samuel has found a building that will be perfect for the produce store/bakery they’ve been planning to start. Mercy is about to become her own boss!

However, Mercy soon learns that running a business is harder than it seems. She struggles to balance the demands of the store/bakery with those of her current work schedule. Then, she receives shocking news from both Hannah and Mrs. Stoltzfus that makes her rethink quitting work at Stoltzfus Bakery. Add to that her disapproving parents, who don’t want her going into business with Samuel before they’re married, and a botched marriage proposal from Samuel, and you’ve got one unhappy Amish girl.

A visit from her twin sister Rebekah, who lives among the “English,” causes Mercy to realize that what she needs is to escape everything for a while. But what repercussions will running away from her problems bring to Mercy’s professional life, family life, and relationship with Samuel? Check out the book tomorrow to find out! I’ll post the links here.

And now, onto today’s blog post. This weekend, Antonio and I joined our friends at the Leucadia Festival and had an amazing time. Leucadia is a fun beach community full of adorable local businesses and breathtaking vistas. At the festival, we heard great live music, posed with a “unicorn,” and…cuddled.

Let me explain. The cuddling took place not only with Antonio, but with some adorable dogs, who immediately surrounded me for a lengthy under-the-chin rubbing session. Even though I don’t own a dog, I’ve always been a dog person; I love animals in general and dogs in particular. Since canines are super-smart, they can always spot a dog lover, and we usually gravitate toward each other. Therefore, even though I’m not able to cuddle puppies at home, I live vicariously through dog owners and cuddle plenty of dogs out and about.

Feeling some oxytocin surges at the Leucadia Festival this past weekend.

Feeling some oxytocin surges at the Leucadia Festival this past weekend.

After the weekend’s puppy cuddling session (and the many husband-cuddling sessions, as well ;), I felt an incredible surge of well-being, and experienced improved attitude, motivation, and productivity. I awoke this morning ready to check items off my to-do list. The weekend of cuddling actually set the tone for my work-week!

It turns out that there is a known scientific basis behind this, and a lot of it heralds back to the blog post I wrote about brain chemistry and how it influences us in our professional and personal lives. In this case, the active hormone is oxytocin, or the “cuddle hormone.” Oxytocin is pumped out of the hypothalamus in response to pleasant physical stimulation, such as cuddling, lovemaking, or breastfeeding. It also rises during a massage. Circulating oxytocin ignites feelings of relaxation, happiness, and heightened productivity. This recent article describes how owning a dog can lead to higher productivity because of the surge in oxytocin.

So, writers and student of life, my challenge to you this week is as follows: do some cuddling! Whether it’s with your significant other, a parent, a friend, your child, or your pet, physical contact is what makes us human, contributes to improved mental health, and skyrockets productivity–and creativity–in all facets of life. Happy cuddling! 😉


One response to “How Cuddling Skyrockets Your Productivity in Work and Life

  1. somemaid says:

    Challenge accepted, had loads of cuddles from the kidlins to day hope to have a productive evening. Great post.

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