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Writing on Vacay: 5 Tips to Write on the Run

on June 2, 2014

It’s that time again…summer vacation season. As we writers jet-set across the globe (or maybe just road-trip to the next city over), inspiration often strikes. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I come up with a new idea for a book or blog post, I want to get it down right away before the Muse goes out to lunch.

But how do you write when you’ve already got a packed day of sight-seeing, visiting, and–oh yeah–some much-needed R & R? Here are 5 tips for writing on vacay. Follow them, and you’ll write inspired prose on the run. Plus, you won’t feel behind on your writing as soon as you’ve unpacked your suitcases. Win-win!

Next time you're flying, do a little writing as well! Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Next time you’re flying, do a little writing as well! Photo courtesy of Flickr.

  1. Use travel time wisely – If you’re flying, don’t waste the whole flight watching movies or sleeping. Get out your laptop and write a little! The same goes with road-trips; take turns driving, and when you’re not the one behind the wheel, do some journaling or write on your laptop.
  2. Carry an inspiration notebook – They’re little, they’re cute, and they can fit easily into your handbag. No I’m not talking about baby chihuahuas…I’m talking about inspiration notebooks! New story ideas often strike at odd times, and since our senses are so much more acute during travel, we’re likely to be more open-minded and creative than usual. Don’t forget those awesome ideas–write them down right away!
  3. Journal – Journaling about our reflections on the vacation, the places we’ve seen, and the people we meet is a great way to amp up creativity and keep in practice with our writing. You may not have time to journal every day of your vacation–and probably shouldn’t if you’re living it up. But journaling during your downtime just feels amazing!
  4. Talk to locals – This may not be a writing tip, but talking to new people on vacation is the perfect way to learn about new cultures and get ideas for characters in your books.
  5. Try something new. Then write about it. Use your inspiration notebook. Try to write about your new experience in a very descriptive, story-like way, and who knows–it might end up in your new book.

Writers out there, do you write on vacation? What are some of your best tips? I’d love to hear your opinions!



7 responses to “Writing on Vacay: 5 Tips to Write on the Run

  1. agrrosewood says:

    Well, I am not really a writer, but I’ve certainly tried to write on vacation… It just did not work out. I cannot write when I’m in a car – travel sickness sure is nice – and the people I was on vacation with (well, they were my parents) did not want me using the laptop. This year will be the same, although the people will be different. I might try to write something, though – I certainly do not want all my free time to be wasted! An inspiration notebook definitely would be handy.

  2. Fun tips, Kristina. I also send myself text messages to my email so I won’t forget an important idea. Never was good at journaling for some reason, but digital works for me.

  3. I do all of these.
    Every day while travelling, I post a long and descriptive rundown of the things we’ve seen or done for that particular day on Facebook and I always get great feedback from my friends. I’ve even have had a couple of suggestions to become a travel writer even though novels are my forte (using my pen name Jennifer Larmar).
    I also post as GetawayGirlBrissie on Trip Advisor. When reviewing a hotel or attraction, they are usually detailed descriptions of the area and things to do as well. To my delight, I have received dozens of helpful votes from readers, which makes the effort definitely worth it.
    Nevertheless, my greatest joy is writing novels and including places I’ve been in their pages. My first fictional series is based around musical theatre and travels around Australia as well as Italy, Austria and London.
    After several large trips in the last few years, Rwanda, Germany, The Yukon in Canada and Norfolk Island have all given me ideas for story lines, often based around some historical event occurring there and with some form of musical theme, usually as a form of solace during trying times.
    I’ve told my husband we’re not going on holidays anymore or I’ll have to live to 150 to write all the other stories sure to come with the amount already running around in my head and soul!

    • Very cool! Don’t you love how traveling gives you amazing ideas for your story lines?

      By the way, your books sound awesome. I love the combo of music, history, and exotic locales. I just downloaded Silken Images and Fractured Symphony on my Kindle, and will be perusing them soon. 🙂

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