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Amish Wedding Launch

on April 24, 2014

I’ve been fairly obsessed lately with the writing and/or editing of Book 2 of the Amish in College series, “Amish Wedding: Hannah’s Book.” Now, I’m happy to announce that it’s live on Amazon!

Amish Wedding


“Amish Wedding: Hannah’s Book” was so much fun to research and write, and I was excited to give supporting character Hannah a place to tell her story. Plus, being a newlywed myself, I really found myself relating to Hannah!

Want to check out an excerpt before you buy it? If so, here’s Chapter 3. (Hint: Find Chapter 1 at the end of “Amish Faith: Rebekah’s Book,” and Chapter 2 on a recent blog post.)

Chapter Three


Jakob remains there, gazing up at me as he balances on one knee. His hair shimmers in the moonlight, as pale as the moon itself, and a shiver runs through my entire body. I feel like I’m in one of those dreams where I can think but can’t talk—although those dreams are usually nightmares, whereas right now I’m literally frozen with happiness.

I finally manage to choke out, “Yah.” My voice becomes clearer and stronger, as I say, “I love you too, Jakob. And I want you to be my Mann, forever.”

Before I even know what’s happening, Jakob hoists me out of the buggy, swinging me around in circles. Clouds of dust swirl around us as he spins across the driveway, and I laugh and shriek in delight.

I should be worried that my parents will come out in their nightclothes, demanding to know what’s going on, but somehow I just can’t bring myself to care. I’m engaged at last—to the one that I love more than anything in the world.

Jakob and I will belong to each other forever. I’m so excited to start our married lives together, and we won’t have to wait long. It’s already July, and our wedding will have to take place in November or December, after the harvest. That means we could be Mann and Fraa in only four months!

Jakob finally lowers me to the ground, staggering a bit from the dizzying twirling. And as my body comes back to earth, so does my brain. Only four months until the wedding. There is a lot of work to be done, starting with some celery planting.


The next morning, Eliza and I awaken at 5 AM for chores; first, we gather eggs from the hens and milk the cows. Then, we help my mother prepare breakfast. As we fry up bacon and eggs, I ask my mother if we can invite Jakob over for dinner that night, and she says yes with a slightly raised eyebrow. I have a feeling that she senses my joy—she might even suspect the reason behind it.

I bite my lip, holding back the giddy desire to tell everyone in sight about Jakob’s proposal. I want to keep it secret from my parents until tonight, when Jakob and I will announce our intentions.

Now it’s 6:15 AM, almost time to head out the door for work at Stoltzfus Bakery.  I may not want my whole family to know about my engagement yet, but I know I can’t possibly wait all day to tell Eliza.

“Guess what?” I say as Eliza slips on her work shoes.

“What?” she asks. She must sense the energy in my voice, because she looks up at me, studying my face with keen hazel eyes.

I lower my voice to a whisper. My older brothers have married and moved out, but there’s still my nosy thirteen year-old sister Rachel and my twelve year-old brother Isaac to deal with.

“Jakob proposed to me last night.” I gesture to the delicate clock, which I’d placed on the dresser the night before. “He gave me this when he asked for my hand.”

“Wow, Hannah,” Eliza says. “I’m so dazed, I barely know what to say—except congratulations, of course. I knew it was coming, but a proposal is always such a wunderlich surprise.”

I smile. “It sure is. I can hardly believe that it really happened. And now there’s so much to do. Jakob and I will announce our intentions to Mammi and Daadi over dinner tonight. And then, I’ll have to start sewing my dress, and the newehockers’ dresses, too. Of course, you’ll stand up with me in the wedding, and so will Mercy and Rebekah, maybe cousin Ruth—”

Eliza laughs, clapping her hands over her ears. “Slow down, Hannah,” she chides me. “You’re only just engaged. Why don’t you enjoy that a little first before you go planning everything out?”

I roll my eyes as my mind continues to make lists of all the things I have to do. “I am enjoying it. But there’s also a lot to think about. Some day, you’ll understand.”

I flash Eliza a grin as we both straighten up and head out the door. Her reaction was fun to watch, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Mercy’s.


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  1. Congratulations, Kristina! Well done 🙂

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