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Sneak Peek: Amish Wedding Excerpt

on April 7, 2014

I’ve been having a great time writing book 2 of the Amish in College series, “Amish Wedding.” Finally, Rebekah and Mercy’s sweet friend Hannah gets a book all to herself. Hannah is so excited when Jakob proposes to her, but planning for even a simple Amish wedding is not all that easy–especially with family complications, drama with the attendants, a drought that threatens the celery crops which are crucial to the wedding decorations and foods, and a mysterious stranger who catches Hannah’s eye.

“Amish Wedding” has been a delightful book to research, since there are so many interesting aspects to Amish weddings that I’d never known existed. Here’s a website that tells us all about Amish wedding customs.

I’d also like to share an excerpt of “Amish Wedding” with you. Chapter 1 is at the end of Amish in College book 1, “Amish Faith.” So, here is Chapter 2! Happy reading! I’ll share the release dates of the book with you here and on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Did you know that Amish women wear their wedding dresses over and over? The Amish wedding dress becomes the Amish woman's Sunday dress, and she is also buried in it when she dies! Photo courtesy of quakerjane.com

Did you know that Amish women wear their wedding dresses over and over? The Amish wedding dress becomes the Amish woman’s Sunday dress, and she is also buried in it when she dies! Photo courtesy of quakerjane.com


Chapter Two

“What’s wrong, Jakob?” I ask as he steers the buggy into the dirt driveway in front of my parents’ house. He’s been silent for the entire ride, and I know that we won’t be able to say a proper good night unless we clear this awkwardness from the air.

I also know that Jakob, like most boys, doesn’t readily share his feelings, so I’m probably going to have to pull whatever’s bothering out of him with a pair of pliers.

Jakob clears his throat. “Nothing,” he replies, his voice coming out thick and husky. “I was just thinking. That’s all.”

“About what?” I lean closer to him, examining his face in the moonlight. It’s fairly dark, and I can’t see much except an ever-so-slight furrowing of his brow.

“Us, of course.” Jakob takes my hand and looks at me; for a split second, his eyes catch the light, glittering like water.

“Us?” I repeat. “If you’re thinking about us, you should tell me about it. It’s one of my favorite topics too, you know?” I giggle, and Jakob responds with a shaky laugh.

“But seriously,” I continue. “I thought you were mad at me when you got so quiet all of a sudden.”

“Why would I be mad at you, Hannah? That makes no sense at all.” His hand still rests in mine, but it’s awfully warm and sweaty and it’s trembling lightly, like a shell-shocked baby bird that tumbled from a tree.

“What is it then?” I wriggle my hand out of his clammy grasp and wipe some of the excess moisture on my apron. “Are you feeling all right? You’re scaring me.”

“Oh wunderbar,” Jakob mutters under his breath. “Now I’m scaring her.” A little more loudly, he adds, “I’m sorry. I’m just a little nervous. Do you think we can just—start over?”

I simply nod, wondering exactly what he wants to start over. I’d prefer not to relive this conversation any time soon; Jakob is acting too weird for words.

He takes a deep breath. “Okay, Hannah. The truth is, I was a little sore just now, but not at you. It was all this wedding talk that did it.”

“Why? You don’t like weddings?” I keep the tone of my voice cool and casual, but my stomach flops inside like a freshly hooked fish. I’d thought Jakob was The One. I am eighteen, after all—two years into Rumspringa. And there’s no other boy I’d rather be courted by. I’m ready to settle down and get married, and I’d always thought that Jakob was, too.

“Don’t be silly,” Jakob says. “I love weddings.” He pauses for a moment. “The reason I was so quiet was because I felt a bit annoyed that we were talking about everyone else’s weddings, but not our own. Asking you to marry me has been on my mind for a long time, and I was just trying to figure out the best way to say it. I wanted to ask you today, but then there we were talking about Abram and Samuel’s weddings.”

I gasp, my eyes filling with tears. I’ve waited for this moment for so long—my entire life, actually. But now that it’s here, I’m speechless.

Jakob clears his throat again. “Now I know that there is no best way. I just have to do it, without worrying about everyone else. Our marriage is about you and me, after all.” Slowly, he reaches to the back of the buggy, bringing out a glossy wooden clock that shines in the pale light. We Amish don’t propose with rings and flowers, but a man will present his betrothed with a clock or some china when he asks for her hand.

Jakob climbs down from his seat, circles the buggy, and drops to his knee right outside my door. I watch him silently, with my mouth hanging open and my heart pounding faster than a jackrabbit.

After a breathless moment, Jakob takes both my hands in his and says, “Hannah, will you be my Fraa? I love you, and I want to build a life with you.”


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