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Life is an Uphill Battle: The Elusive Journey to Success

on February 11, 2014

This past weekend, Antonio and I finally bought bikes! We had been talking about it for months but kept putting it off; this is basically a crime in SoCal, since almost every day is biking weather.

Naturally, we decided to celebrate our new purchases by taking them for a spin around the neighborhood, to the beach, and back. We’re not hard-core, Lance Armstrong-type cyclists; we’re just in it for fun and exercise. And believe me, I never realized how many steep, looong hills there are around us!

Biking near the beach

Biking near the beach

The most massive hill is on the main street heading toward our house. By the time we reached it, we’d ridden about 6 miles: we’d circled the beach, cruised up and down hills, and looped by the outlet malls. So, of course, we were pretty tired. The last hill was a steep and steady workout: almost a whole mile of constant incline. We were ready to pass out, but we pressed on, motivated by the prospect of going home and immersing ourselves in the bubbling waters of the hot tub.

We only took one break, and that was to snap some pictures by this even steeper hill. For those of you who are Facebook fans, you may recognize this picture from yesterday’s Motivation Monday post.

"Life is an uphill battle. Be determined" - Antonio Challita

Antonio’s “uphill battle” picture

When he saw this picture, Antonio said, “Life is an uphill battle,” and he meant it in the best possible way. In order to rise to new heights and challenge ourselves to accomplish things we never thought possible, we have to fight daily battles and commit ourselves to continuous improvement. And, just like our first bike ride around Carlsbad, there will be moments of exhaustion and doubt, but the key is to keep pushing. If we do, we’ve truly earned the right to soak our tired muscles in that cozy hot tub.

I was surprised how much our “uphill battle” on the bikes reminded me of my daily commitment to writing professionally ever since I became serious about it in October 2012. It has been an uphill battle, especially at the beginning, as I learned new skills, built my platform, and fought to make time for writing with my crazy schedule of travel and working as a pharmacist. And now that I’ve been writing full-time for 5 months, the battle continues. There’s a lot more pressure to succeed when you’re focusing on something full-time; I’m feeling it, and working to evolve as a writer and a person everyday.

Readers and writers out there, what is your “uphill battle?” How are you able to rise to the challenge? And what is your favorite “reward” when you accomplish your goals?


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