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Happy Twitterversary: Reflections on 2 Years of Twitter

on February 6, 2014

This morning, I got an email from Twitter, proclaiming, “Happy Twitterversary! You’re 2 today!” I had to giggle. I guess that makes me a Twitter toddler. Hopefully, I’m not in for the terrible twos any time soon.


This got me thinking about my experiences with Twitter over the past two years. As we all know, Twitter is an amazing social media platform. I think its strength lies in the ability to build casual contacts, discover interesting and relevant articles, and see new blog posts. It’s a fun way to connect with people in basically any field. And, when used wisely, it’s a wonderful medium to promote your business.

When I joined Twitter in February 2012, I was a full-time pharmacist and aspiring indie author. I’d published one eBook on Amazon, but I had no idea how to promote it since I didn’t have much of a platform. I wasn’t into Facebook and I’d just started my WordPress blog, so Twitter was arguably the first social media platform in which I became truly active. I started out following some of my friends, and then a few famous authors. Before long, I reached 25 followers, where I was stuck for several months.

My first writing conference in October 2012 fixed all that. I attended the Writer’s Digest Conference West in LA, and met several aspiring indie authors. We all followed each other on Twitter and on our blogs, and pretty soon I cleared the 100 follower mark on Twitter.

I’ve heard it said that the first 100 Twitter followers are the hardest ones to win, and I definitely believe that. After I hit my first 100, my followers seemed to grow exponentially. There were various factors behind this–since I’ve joined Twitter, I’ve published six more eBooks, grown my blog, started a website, built a Facebook page, and become active on Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads. Social media is synergistic, and I truly believe that all these social media channels have fed off each other. I’ve also discovered and followed hundreds of writers on Twitter, in various genres. And we all know that if you follow a lot of people on Twitter, many of them will follow you back.

The follow-for-follow principle is one of the cornerstones of Twixplode, Sean Malarkey’s program that helps businesses and individuals to build honest Twitter followers. Now I’m at almost 1200 followers, which puts me in the 96th percentile of Twitter users. Here’s an interesting article about businesses with over 1000 Twitter followers and how they make an impact.

Another huge benefit of Twitter is Twitter Advertising. I’ve implemented several targeted tweet campaigns, especially when I launch a new eBook or want to promote my KDP Select free days, and I find that the eBook downloads increase when I add the targeted tweets. I would definitely recommend Twitter Advertising for any small business, especially indie authors.

Since I’ve built my Twitter followers, I’ve seen more downloads of my eBooks, more blog visits, and more likes on my Facebook author page. It’s fun to be active on Twitter, engaging with interesting people from all over the world. I think the proverbial 80-20 rule is super important for Twitter success–here’s a recent article that discusses the 80-20 rule in relation to social media and business growth.

Writers, what do you think of Twitter? How often do you use it, and how would you say it helps your platform?


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