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New Book Release: Book 3 of Amish Hearts is Here!

on January 14, 2014

I’m excited to announce that my new Amish YA Romance novella, Mercy’s Fall, is now live on Amazon! Mercy’s Fall is Book 3 of the Amish Hearts series. To celebrate, I’m giving away Book 2, Amish Summer, for free today and tomorrow (1/14/14 and 1/15/14)!

Mercy's Fall, Book 3 of Amish Hearts, is now live on Amazon!

Mercy’s Fall, Book 3 of Amish Hearts, is now live on Amazon!

I wrote Mercy’s Fall after my “educational field trip” to two Amish communities in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania: Volant and New Wilmington. There, I admired the simple way of life and spoke to some Amish and “English” who had business dealings with the Amish. I noticed the relatively close proximity of several colleges to the Amish communities, which led me to devise the character of Chase, Mercy’s college-student crush. I also observed the Amish people’s avoidance of cameras and all things media-related and/or worldly, and incorporated these themes into Mercy’s dealings with Chase and the other Englischers who frequent the bakery where she works. Mercy’s Fall is equal parts love story, character study, and culture clash, so check it out if you’re looking for a romance eBook with some drama.

During my visit, the weather in Lawrence County was, in a word, snowy. This “winter wonderland” look continues to inspire me as I write the fourth and final book of the Amish Hearts series, Amish Valentine, due out next month. If you enjoy the Amish Hearts books, look for updates coming to this blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter, in the coming weeks!


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