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How to Write Full Time – And Never Get Bored

on December 16, 2013

Hi Random Inspirations readers! I’m excited to announce that my blog will be moving to my new author website, www.kristinaludwig.com! Check it out for blog posts, free giveaways, videos, and more. And now, onto today’s post:

When I tell people that I am a full-time writer and work from home, one of the most common questions I hear is, “Do you ever get bored?” And I always answer the same way, “Definitely not!”

I can see why this question comes up, though. When we work for large companies (or even small ones), we often have a list of tasks that we have to complete in a specified amount of time. Our days are super-focused because of that. When I worked as a pharmacist, hours would fly by and I wouldn’t even realize it because I was so busy!

Writing on our own schedules is a huge change from that. But as long as we’re self-motivated and goal-oriented, the day will pass as quickly as it would in a pharmacy, an office, or wherever people work outside the home. Plus, writing is such a creative activity that it’s actually super easy to lose track of time. It goes along with something my mom always said when I was younger, “Our imaginations are our best playmates.” And it’s true — as long as we imagine new things, we’ll never be bored.

Don't surrender to boredom; fight it with my proven tips!

Don’t surrender to boredom; fight it with my proven tips!

Here are 4 tips to prevent boredom when writing full-time:

  1. Vary your extracurricular (i.e. non-writing) activities. Playing sports, working out, doing yoga, and practicing a musical instrument are all awesome activities to incorporate into your day. They get your blood pumping, keep you in superior physical and / or mental shape, and shake things up so you’re not just sitting in front of the computer all day. And bonus: All these activities can inspire you for your next writing project!
  2. Divide your day into chunks. Remember middle and high school, when your day was divided into seven regimented class periods? Recreate that feeling as a writer by cutting up your day into time allotments for each activity (i.e. marketing, blogging, writing new material, editing). Not only will you prevent boredom, you’ll also accomplish more. Win-win!
  3. Work off-site. If you’re feeling bored and stagnant, sometimes a change of scene is all you need. The local library or cafe can be a perfect cure for the mid-day writing blues. Plus, you’ll look every inch the part of the hipster indie author. 😉
  4. Close your eyes and imagine. I had a teacher in elementary school who said, “If you’re bored, you’re boring.” I don’t entirely agree with this, but I do think an awesome boredom-buster is just taking a time-out and letting your imagination run wild (i.e. become “un-boring”). If you’re bored because you’re stuck on a stubborn scene of your novel, sit back, take cleansing breaths, and imagine. The answer will either come to you, or you’ll know it’s time to give the work a break and start something else.

Freelancers out there, what are your best boredom-busters? I’d love to know if there’s something I missed!


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