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Reboot and Recharge: Why Writers are Like Electronics

on November 11, 2013

Today’s the day: I launched Amish Summer, Book 2 of the Amish Hearts series! If you’re a fan of Amish teen fiction — or just a fan of fun and thought-provoking reads — check it out on Amazon.

The cover of Amish Summer, my new eBook on Kindle

The cover of Amish Summer, my new eBook on Kindle!

Launching a book requires tons of time and effort…especially for indie authors doing most of the promotion themselves. And somewhere between formulating leading tweets, posting to umpteen Facebook walls, and filling out new book forms for indie book promo websites, burnout just might hit.

Never fear, though. During this book launch I observed something interesting: I launched very energetically because I planned it for a Monday…right after a weekend that was jam-packed full of rejuvenating, enjoyable activities that involved anything but writing.

This weekend, I explored uncharted areas of my new neighborhood, played basketball with my husband for the first time in years, checked out a never-before-seen (by me, anyway) rooftop lounge downtown, hit the beach for the first time in awhile, and found a great new burger place with a huge collection of local beers.

My weekend was the perfect balance of physically stimulating activities and laid-back periods of reflection. Plus, the places I went and things I did were either totally new to me or things I hadn’t done in a long time, which imparted a feeling of freshness and excitement.

Not surprisingly, I had an inspired weekend and an even more inspired Monday. Which leads me to my point: writers are like electronics. If we abuse ourselves, overloading our brains like a smartphone with one too many apps, we will crash and become useless. However, if we reboot once in awhile, turning ourselves completely off and resetting our internal computers, we will come back stronger and recharged!

I hope this random thought will help you to feel innovative and inspired today — and all week! 🙂


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