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Cross-Country Road Trip: The Observations and the Inspiration

on September 16, 2013

Today feels like such a Monday…but not necessarily in a bad way. It’s a day to get back to work after an exciting wedding, honeymoon, and cross-country move to California. And by “get back to work,” I mean working on one of my favorite things: writing!

Antonio and I decided to do a cross-country road trip for our honeymoon. We both adore road trips, and we’d never taken a looong one together before. Plus, it eliminated the concern of shipping my car from Chicago to California — Why not just drive it? So, my new hubby and I took to the highway, and discovered America in a brand-new way.

We had no definitive plan of which stops we wanted to make; we brainstormed where we’d stay as we burned up the miles. Here are the places we visited, and my reflections on each one.

  • Omaha, NE: Home of epic steaks and Warren Buffett. We tried a whiskey-marinated steak for the first time, and believe me when I say Omaha steaks are pretty impressive. My biggest observation was how much open space there is in this great country of ours, as we cruised past miles of corn fields. After driving through Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, I can honestly say that I experienced the bread (and corn) basket of the nation firsthand!
  • Denver, CO: The mile-high city is truly a melting pot of interesting people, and its nightlife is vibrant. We hobnobbed with the fun crowd of Hamburger Mary’s, witnessed a game of Jenga using the world’s largest block set, and enjoyed drinks with fun names like “The Unicorn.” The view from our hotel was phenomenal, and the pool there was equipped with cabanas and a full bar…not too bad! 😉
Denver city view

Denver city view

  • Boulder, CO: I honestly think Boulder is one of the healthiest places on the planet. It’s so green, and everywhere you look, people are jogging and riding bikes. And let me tell you, physical activity is not easy here with the altitude. I was feeling blah as my body acclimated, but soon the mountain air invigorated me.
  • Beaver Creek, CO: This community is famous for its ski lodges and breathtaking views. I’ve never been to the Swiss Alps before, but Beaver Creek looks a lot like the pictures I’ve seen of them. As we drove through the mountains, Antonio and I mused about how man could never create something so incredible as those rugged mountains, canyons, and creeks. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget how many things in this world are much bigger than us. This leg of the road trip was the perfect reminder.
Stunning mountains and gorges near Beaver Creek

Stunning mountains and gorges near Beaver Creek

  • Moab, UT: More marvelous beauty, this time in the form of tall mesas and multilayered red rock arches. We stayed a bit outside of Moab, however, and realized things were a bit too quiet for us. After all the natural wonders, we were ready for something dazzling and man-made, something vivid and commercialized. So, we drove toward…
Rock formations in Utah

Rock formations in Utah

  • Las Vegas, NV! An interesting side note: As we journeyed through the supposed deserts of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada, we were struck by some crazy thunderstorms. At some points, we could barely see out of the car. And the normally sunny Vegas was cloaked by thick, dark clouds. This didn’t stop us from getting out and enjoying the fine cuisine, bright lights, and boundless energy of Sin City. The weather cleared up and we had plenty of pool time. We saw a show and even won some money at roulette. We selected the numbers and colors on the board by what we felt in our hearts, not any set mathematical strategy. This could, in fact, be the theme of our honeymoon: choose your destination based on what you feel in your heart, and you will win!
Sunset at the Paris in Vegas

Sunset at the Paris in Vegas


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