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Making Your eBooks Free on Amazon Kindle

on May 3, 2013

Free Kindle eBooks are a great way for new authors to get their work out there. If a book is free, the number of downloads may increase dramatically, which in turn increases exposure and expands the network of readers. This is why, as a new author, I planned to price my short eBook, A First Time for Everything, for free.

The only problem is…it turns out that pricing a Kindle eBook for free is not as easy as you might think. If your book is under KDP Select (KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing), it must be published exclusively to KDP for at least 90 days, and it will be available free for five days in a 90-day period. But what if you want your book to be free all the time, and you want to use additional publishing services, such as Barnes and Noble PubIt and Google eBooks?

Let me tell you, I did a lot of research, and it was difficult to find a satisfactory answer.  However, I landed on a helpful YouTube video that illuminated the intricacies of offering eBooks for free on Amazon. Check out the link below.


Before Amazon will allow your eBook to be priced free, your book must be free on either the Nook or the iBook store. Then, Amazon will price-match. This means you must use Smashwords or another multiple-channel e-publishing service, price your eBook free on Nook or iBook, and report the lower price to Amazon through a link on their website. Then, you have to wait a while for Amazon to implement the price-match.

So, for now, A First Time for Everything is 99 cents on Amazon — still not a bad deal. Check out the description below.

Fourteen year-old Olivia has always been a play-it-safe kind of girl, enjoying a relatively simple life in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But her comfortable world is turned upside down when her dad marries mean, bossy Essie…who just happens to live in San Diego. Suddenly, Olivia, who has never moved before, is forced to leave her home and friends, and move two thousand miles away. 
Olivia hates everything about California – until she meets Justin, the adventurous and athletic neighborhood hottie. With Justin at her side, will Olivia be able to brave the SoCal social scene and all the intimidating firsts that go along with it? Or will pressures from her new environment knock her down harder than the turbulent waves of the Pacific Ocean?
I will be publishing First Time for Everything using Smashwords very soon, offering it for free on the Nook and iBook stores. And look for my video narration of the short story, coming soon to You Tube and the blog!

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