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Chance to Dance Part 3

on December 13, 2012

Last week, our sassy MG heroine Arianna survived her first experience dancing with a boy. Bravo! That’s a huge achievement for a nine year-old, as I can recall from my own rather unpleasant memories of my school’s third grade “Square Dance,” the inspiration for this story.

But, as in YA or any other fiction genre, the story can’t go on unless there’s more conflict. Enter Ms. Indyk’s fairly harsh reprimands…not the best thing when Ms. Indyk has the power to make or break Arianna’s dream! Read on to see how Arianna copes with her mini-drama.


“It was awful!” Arianna wailed later that night. “Ms. Indyk yelled at me, and Meredith will probably beat me now! It was all Ethan’s fault. Boys are soooo annoying.”

“I’m sure Ethan only acts that way because he’s insecure and hates to dance,” Arianna’s mom said.

“Well, I hate dancing with him!” Arianna exclaimed. “I hate dancing with all boys!”

“Don’t be so hard on us,” Arianna’s dad said good-naturedly. “We’re not so bad to dance with.” He grabbed Arianna’s hands and spun her in a perfect twirl.

“You’re not,” Arianna said, “but the boys in my class are atrocious.”

“Why don’t you practice with Dad for awhile?” Arianna’s mom suggested. “You’ll get more confident with partner dancing.”

Arianna showed her dad the routine, and they danced in perfect harmony. By the end, Arianna was rosy-cheeked, laughing, and happy. “That was fun!” she exclaimed

“Sure was!” Arianna’s dad agreed. “Hard to believe I used to be one of those annoying boys, isn’t it?”


Has Arianna learned enough about partner dancing to nail the audition with Ethan? And will Arianna’s passion and dancing skills be enough to beat Meredith, who’s got nepotism and attitude on her side? Find out in the grand finale of One Last Chance to Dance, coming soon!


2 responses to “Chance to Dance Part 3

  1. Cute story so far. 🙂

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